Moorlands, Blackhill, Consett Durham, DH8 0JX

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Benfieldside Primary School

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Head Teacher

Mrs C Addison (April 2018)

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Rowell - Literacy and KS2 leader



Miss Clarkson - Teacher in charge of nursery & Early Years Co-ordinator- Senior Leader

Miss Watson - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Raffell- Reception

Mrs O'Connor- reception teaching assistant


PPA cover

Mrs Coombe - Inclusion Manager, Senior Leader

Mrs Harbinson


Class Teachers

Nursery Miss Clarkson

Reception - Miss Raffell

Year 1 - Miss Campbell

Year 1/ 2  Miss Williams

Year 2 - Mrs Baker

Year 3  - Mrs Lee

Year 3/4 - Mrs Bovill

Year 5 - Miss Looney

Year 5/6 - Mrs Fagan

Year 6 - Mr Wright - Numeracy, Senior Leader


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Heppell, Mrs Houston, Mrs Lisle, Mrs Young, Mrs O'Connor,

Mrs Dolan, Mrs Reynolds,  Mr McGlone, Mrs Watson, Miss Swainston, Miss Young


School Clerks

Mrs Clark & Mrs Yule



Mr Leighton


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Harrop, Mrs Rodrigues, Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Gilmour, Mrs Yule and Mrs Clarke